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Operational and maintenance services / O&M

GFS strongly believe that in order to maintain fire protection and detection systems to perform effectively and be 100% reliable 365/year, two major key elements need to be fulfilled.

  • Maintenance
  • Profesionally and regulary trained   operators / staff

These two elements can be the determinant between having a serious fire / emergency situation, or having an fully operating fire extinguishing system, and fast responding fire fighting trained personnel, that either can control the fire / emergency from escalating or even preventing it from starting.

First class training for fixed automatic fire protection and detection systems

GFS provide project specific, custom made operational and maintenance contracts, for all types of fire protection and detection system.

  • Technical system training
  • Theoretical and practical on-site training and drills
  • Technical customer support and troubleshooting
  • Fire men´s training, basic, advanced and EMS
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