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Supervision and commissioning services

Supervision and commissioning services has been GFS’s core business, and it will continue to be one of our most important services.
GFS has a pool of highly experienced supervision and commissioning engineers with genuine and latest knowledge of both fire protecting systems as of fire detection and alarm systems.

GFS offer services already in the project sales and design phase.

  • By confirming the system design, checking of material lists, system P&ID:s and drawings, we ensure that the design correspond with the site conditions, standards and the end client´s requirements.
  • This concept, we belive is effective, a cost-saving solution, and even more important, it will avoid uneccessary installation errors and delays at site, which can have a serious impact on the plant construction time schedule and completion of the project.

Commissioning certificates and doccumentation

After fire protection and detection systems has been installed, functional and acceptance tested according to applicable standards and local requirements,

GFS and end-user signs all test and inspection protocols and ”handing-over” certificates.

Our range of expertice

  • Water supply and fire main hydrant networks systems
  • Distribution / fire pump systems
  • Standpipe and hose reel systems
  • Water based fire suppression systems
  • Foam-water deluge systems
  • Foam systems
  • Water mist systems
  • Gaseous fire suppression systems
  • Fire alarm system
  • Fire and gas detection systems
  • Gas and vapor detection and VESDA systems
  • Optical beam detection
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